Sunday, January 21, 2007

PSP Download Sites

There are many different PSP download sites out there. These sites are a great way to gain access to millions of media files, all easily downloaded to your PSP. This review covers the three most popular sites.

PSP Blender

This is by far the best site to find millions of legal downloads for your PSP including movies, games, music, wallpaper, ebooks, software, and images. With a lifetime membership you can download as much as you want with no download fees. Also, this site contains the largest database network on the planet for PSP games and movies: 20 million items and growing! You can definitely find what you're looking for! The method to transfer files to your PSP is very easy and all movies are available in HD or DVD quality video and audio. This site is very easy to use, highly rated, and the most popular. If you're looking for a great PSP download site then look no further than PSP Blender.

Price: $37 - no other fees ever
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Although not as visually appealing as the PSP Blender site, this site offers more media files. You can search for more than 15 billion files so you are virtually guaranteed to find what you want. All of the games, movies, music, cheats, and TV shows are of the highest quality in digital files. Also, with unlimited free 24/7 technical support, you can be sure you can get the help you need if something goes wrong. With a membership you also get great software free, like a movie converting package that can put a DVD on your PSP. Why is it ranked low, then? Well, the site doesn't include an FAQ or warranty and makes you insert your email address to get the price.

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Friday, January 19, 2007


Jamorama is one of the fastest ways to learn the guitar without expensive private lessons. It is a complete learning system that comes with 148 step-by-step video lessons, 26 of the broadest range of Jam Tracks available anywhere, 1000s of lines of tabulature, and training instructions on how to read tab and play by ear. This guide was developed by Ben Edwards, a highly respected guitar teacher who has a Bachelor of Education. From beginners to the highly advanced, everyone can benefit from picking up his kit. If you have any inkling at all to play the guitar you owe it to yourself to at least try his extremely successful product.

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, anytime for any reason within 60 days
Price: $39.95
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gamer Testing Ground

A great guide that shows sites that the author used to find jobs that pay for game testing. He did all of the research and compiled a handy guide to save you time. The game industry is over a $50 billion dollar business and bugs need to be found to ensure that consumers are happy. Paying 100 people to test a game might ensure that 100,000 people don't return it due to a glitch, a great deal for a game company. As a video game tester, you get paid to play video games, play unreleased games before anyone else, get free copies of those games, get access to bugs that only game testers know about, and more importantly get real-world experience working with company departments and learn about the development, marketing, manufacturing, customer service, and testing phases of each game.

You can make up to $120/hour testing these games. You can find a job that suits you best: some require testing from 9-5, some any time, and you can choose from all sorts of platforms: Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, PC, and many others.

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, 8 weeks
Price: 24 Month Membership $1.88/month ($44.95), 12 Month Membership $3.30/month ($39.95), 6 Month Membership $5.82/month ($34.95)
Requirement: 18 or older
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dog Obedience Training by Robert Angelo

This is by far one of the best books on dog training. It is very easy to use and has fast, quality results. The secret lies in not using treats. Treats have been directly linked to aggressive behavior, cruising the kitchen for food, begging, lack of attention and respect for the owner, biting fingertips off of children, and many more. How did the author, Robert Angelo, manage to train his dogs so successfully, then? By observing dogs while caring for them in his daycare, he realized that the best way to communicate with dogs would be to learn how dogs communicate with each other. By understanding this communication he was able to develop a revolutionary method for humans to train dogs. This method can be used on any dog, young or old, and can fix many behavior problems. Results include:
  • coming when you call
  • sit and stay
  • bonding
  • paying attention to you
  • no more digging
  • keep off furniture
  • stop chewing objects
  • walking without being dragged
  • walking without a leash
  • housetraining
  • greeting guests calmly without jumping
  • curbing aggressiveness
  • helping dogs with deep emotional problems change and calm down
  • and more...
Angelo has trained thousands of dogs all over North America and Australia. By taking the time to understand a dog's mind, he was able to develop this breakthrough, treat-less method. Truly a valuable resource for any dog-owner.

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes
Price: $37

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